Bitaps - About Page

Bitaps provides Bitcoin processing RESTful API.

Everyone knows cryptocurrency advantages:

1) the anonymity

2) the transaction doesn’t get canceled and doesn’t return (no Chargeback)

3) easy to fill up and withdraw money around the world

4) low commission

5) transparent transactions

Advantage of

1) no registration or delays, just open API (Application Programming Interface) and start accepting Bitcoins today

2) we work all over the world without country restrictions

3) we aren’t able to block the customers wallets, so that your money will be in complete safety

API includes:

Bitcoin Block explorer: Our first public product is a block explorer website. You can find a real-time information about Bitcoin network events, statistics and can use API for your own applications. Block explorer based on high performance node, that can be connected more then 5000+ nodes and currently connected to over 500 worldwide nodes at one time. Explorer database model allows to store all events include orphaned blocks, double spending activity, broken transactions and reach access to any address information.

The main priority for us is users’ privacy, security and clarity as it is designed in Bitcoin ideology. We are opened to create new special API interfaces for you. We believe in borderless economy, where each idea is worth something and each person is important.

Please contact us via email: [email protected]