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The We Use Coins project aims to be an easy reference point for all activity in the space of crypto-currency and Blockchain technology. Our community strives to provide neutral and comprehensive information about prominent members of the community, projects in the space and current events affecting the development of decentralized industry.

While there are many sites that provide focused knowledge about one project in the space, the We Use Coins project aims to provide a single resource where all such projects are covered and explained for the average non-technical user.

If there's a project or person that's not being covered, and which you feel should be, let us know! Or even better, submit a pull request to our site on Github. We're constantly looking to expand our reach, and greatly appreciate the help from people like yourself.


We Use Coins was started in 2010 by a group of forward-thinking digital currency enthusiasts with the aim of promoting the understanding and growth of digital currencies. Their goal was to provide simplified and comprehensive teaching tools to promote understanding of "The Blockchain" and all the advancements that come with it.

Our site kicked off with the launch of an animated, short video that quickly became the most popular and successful introduction to Bitcoin. After being viewed by millions of users on Youtube. The video quickly spread to major television networks, and with its success grew the community that is now this site.

As the markets for digital currencies become increasingly mainstream, our hope is to help people navigate this confusing and strange new world. In the five years since this site first began, we have seen the community grow from a handful of cryptography enthusiasts, to encompass the diverse world of wall street financiers, and the wider audience from around the Internet.

Today, digital coins such as Bitcoin are being traded on public stock exchanges, spent online at major retailers, and mined in computer centers all over the world. While the earliest users were limited to such niche projects such as Satoshi Dice and alpaca socks retailers, today's users can purchase from multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Expedia, and even major retailers like Overstock.

The We Use Coins project has grown with the digital currency revolution, and has expanded to cover all forms of digital currencies and systems. While in 2010, Bitcoin was the only major decentralized crypto-currency project on the Internet, today we have countless spin-offs, niche applications and projects which use crypto-currency for purposes completely tangential to the management of money.

With this growth comes the question of just what is the common purpose of crypto applications in use today. Though finance applications remain the 'killer app' for blockchains, additional applications are servicing such broad segments as: notarization, file storage and auditing, smart contracts, marketplaces, asset registries and even decentralized gaming.

The future of decentralized tokenization is wide-open and there has never been a better time to start exploring what the community is working on, and what problems it's solving.

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