How To Use the Ledger Wallet Nano with Coinkite

Learn how to use the Ledger Wallet Nano (Ledger Wallet Review) with Coinkite.

TRANSCRIPT: How to use the Ledger Wallet Nano with Coinkite

In this tutorial we are going to show you how we can use the Ledger Nano as a key in the Coinkite multi signature vault. First, make sure that your Ledger Nano is ready and then go on the Coinkite website. You need to be logged with your account. We are going to create multi signature vault. It will be called, for instance, Ledger Vault and the first key because we are going to make a very simple two on two skim. The first key will be the the simple option. It will be a private key stored by Coinkite. For the second co-signer then we are going to choose the hardware wallet option and we are going to call it Ledger Nano.

We can choose the index because you can use up to 20 different private keys. So the Ledger Nano can be a key of 20 different vaults. So for the first time we just take one and then you click on get public key form Ledger Nano. It’s going to ask directly the chrome app to export the public key so you just need to confirm. Then is going to calculate it. It will take a few seconds and once it will be ready, you can come back to the Coinkite web page. So it’s successful. Come back here and it’s done. It has been saved. So we just need to create to shared account. We confirm and then Coinkite we initialize this vault with two keys. First key is at Coinkite and second key is Ledger Nano.

So to make a test we are going just to send some Satoshi to the Ledger Vault. So I’m going to just to sign to send small amount. It's a little bit more here. And now it is just pushed my second factor application. So I’m going to confirm on my phone. So it’s done. It will send the two millibitcoin to the Coinkite application and then we are going to see how we can make a payment using multi signature.

Now, I’m going to send money from the Ledger Vault and I will here just send back to the Ledger Wallet. And I will send this not the two millibitcoin because there is half millibitcoin mining fee. So we are going to send the payment and Coinkite we create a co-signing page. Now we see how we can use the Nano to confirm the transaction.

So first, I’m going to approve this transaction from the first key so as it is hosted by Coinkite. This is just a confirmation on the dialogue and now we are going to sign the transaction with the Ledger Nano. I just clicked on the button and then the chrome app ask me to confirm the payment to this address which is mine and the amount.

I'm confirming the signature. So on this signature there is not any second factor or confirmation because this is multi signature and it has been sent back to Coinkite and if we come here we see that it has been approved and the funds has been released to the payment address which I just -- I can see here.

So it’s done. We have just seen how we can initialize Coinkite Vault with the Ledger Wallet Nano and how we can sign a multi signature request again using the Ledger Wallet Nano.

Written by WeUseCoins on April 15, 2015.