Indacoin Review

Indacoin Review

Indacoin is company based in UK with its headquarters located in Las Suite 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG, UK. Indacoin’s announcement about zero to none fees that puts a limitation to order executionas well as their modern and impressive website, has really got the attention of the world. It is a global platform that allows the quickest Bitcoin purchasing in two hundred countries and more via a credit or debit card with no registration as well.

A call will be made from Indacoin upon the card’s first time use with the 4-digit code which should be utilized on the page of order. Accordingly, found close by the amount charged on the online statement of the card, a 3 digit-code should as well be entered.

Certain limits are present during one’s first few transactions. During the first, the limit is $50. The second transaction’s limit which is available on the 4th day is $100 and the third transaction’s limit is $500 which is on the 8th day from the first buy. All in all, the first month’s overall limit is $5,000 and no more limit after that.

After you were able to pay, for just ten minutes your cryptocurrency will be sent automatically given that your card has been verified.

Now, because Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency field interests several people already, more attention is being shown to the credibility, reliability and also the total user’s experience permitted by companies related to the cryptocurrency exchange. Let us now see if Indacoin can keep to the challenge.

Indacoin Availability

Indacoin can be used in many languages like English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. It’s neither good nor bad since English, which is a global language is included in a platform that is a multi-language. There are platforms that offers up to seven different languages, but it is still not taken as the website’s basic defect.

Regarding the accepted payment methods, it can be seen in the website that only 3D-Secured card such as MasterCard SecureCode or Visa Verified are accepted. They also informed that the card’s data aren’t stored.

There are various means in paying for your cryptocurrency namely, OKPay, UnionPay, Payeer and PerfectMoney and also debit or credit cards. Verification of mobile phone is needed at first by typing in a special code. The procedure to do this is given during the registration process so it would be a little easier.

Indacoin Reliability

Since Indacoin is UK-based, it is located primarily in the British capital. The company’s great service and trustworthiness is assured because of its location and also a quick exchanges if offered readily. The service is much more reliable and pleasurable for the reason that no fees are required to accomplish a limit order which is considered a grand deal. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin can be purchased also.

Indacoin Security

The website of Indacoin is HTTPS which means that problems with encryption lacking will be zero to none. An added protection level is given by sending a verification code through a SMS on your mobile phone. As already discussed above, no credit card information will be stored making you feel more safe and secured.

Indacoin’s policy for privacy is straightforward and what’s stored in their website is a detailed data information. For more information you can just check the Terms of Use. Fraud prevention can be done by using a 3-D secured cards which can really be helpful to strengthen one’s protection.

Indacoin User Experience

To continue our review of Indacoin, this will be a judgement of a user’s experience. Its website is considered to be really useful and up to date. Going through the website however is not really easy and there is no workable way as well. This is really surprising to a lot of people who are ignorant with the same online services.

Using a mobile app is a more excellent way that provides comfort and flexibility. But, the contact support’s help may still be necessary for non-techy users since some difficulties will still be encountered along the way. Registering on the website’s homepage necessitates only your email and password at first.

Take note that there are important details than can be checked into and analytic charts are available also. In these charts, you will be able to see Bitcoin’s price list since then and also the transactions you have already completed.

Indacoin’s Support and Availability

Your needs and complaints can be readily addressed since Indacoin has a support division which can cater all of it. A live chat is available in order to contact quickly Indacoin’s representatives which is considered the best and the most direct but unfortunately the availability is not 24/7. An automated message can be seen upon entering the website.

The instant you call them, a consultant will be on hold and be available to help you with your concerns regarding the services. If you wish to contact them, do so through email at support@Indacoin and also by calling them directly through this phone number: +442070482582. You check as well the FAQ list to gain more information aside from the department for some news updates. Following through the social media websites can be also be done such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Indacoin Review Conclusion

In conclusion after reading the overall Indacoin review, it has a platform that has both advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are its great security and support that provides you different options you can go to. There are also other alternatives for support such as live chat (which is not really 24/7 available) and directly calling their phone number other than emailing and going through the FAQ list as well.

Since the company’s headquarters is situated in UK, it suggests reliability of Europe-based companies. Plus, Indacoin’s website is pretty clear and modern, providing the best information by news updates and charts. The strict use of 3-D secured cards which is really helpful to prevent fraud is the best goal to secure one’s personal data.

Among the disadvantages however is the website’s difficulty to navigate because of its technical nature making non-techy savvies unable to catch up. A practical way is also unavailable in order to help starters to continue with their cryptocurrency exchange. Even if it has a multi-language platform (English, Chinese, Russian and Spanish), there may be some people who may want more of it.

Its zero fee protocol does not really wrap all transactions although a lot of people have really hoped for it. The commissions notably varies also, which means that constant checking of the actual fees is needed to avoid unnecessary payments.

Finally, we can conclude that for exchanging cryptocurrency purposes, Indacoin is considered to be a reliable and trusted platform. However, we may still list needed improvements especially with regards to the field of the user’s experience. By the time these issues are already addressed, Indacoin will surely be a rockstar in its field.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on May 16, 2017.