Video - KeepKey The Hardware Wallet that Uses ShapeShift

In this video you will learn how to use KeepKey. These steps will let you secure your private keys in your wallet.


This is a hardware wallet that you can use to store Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, namecoin, dash and ethereum.

Inside the box you will receive the hardware wallet along with the USB cord and the very important card which you will use to write down your 12-word recovery sentence.

KeepKey works with PC, Mac, Linnux and Android systems.

Download the KeepKey app for google chrome.

Plug the wallet into your computer using the USB cord provided and open the KeepKey Client App.

You will initialize the device and input your PIN code. The boxes on the computer screen correspond to the numbers being displayed on your KeepKey wallet. This is an additional layer of security that keeps your PIN from any security threats.

You will be asked to repeat your PIN code again to confirm. Notice that the numbers displayed on your KeepKey have been shuffled again.

Next your KeepKey will display a list of 12 words. Write these words down onto the “Recovery Sentence” sheet provided. Be sure to spell these words correctly and write them in the correct order that is displayed on your KeepKey wallet.

This is what you will need if your KeepKey wallet is ever damaged, lost or stolen. So keep this sheet in a safe place.

After you’ve written your Recovery Sentence down, push the button on your KeepKey to confirm that the information has been written down.

Shortly after you will see your accounts on display on the KeepKey Client App on your computer.

Create a new account and name it, then you can send the appropriate crypto coin to the matching wallet by selecting the “receive Bitcoin/dash/ethereum…”

Copy the address provided and use that to withdraw coins from an exchange or other wallets.

The best thing about KeepKey is the fact that they’ve partnered with ShapeShift. This enables you to exchange coins for one another on your very own hardware wallet. No need for online exchanges! Check out the video around the 4:20 mark to see how this is done.

As you can see the entire setup process for this hardware wallet took less than 2 minutes and was very straightforward and easy to do. The added security of the PIN code and the ability to trade your coins on your hardware wallet without the need for an exchange really makes this a great option if you’re looking to invest in a hardware wallet.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on April 3, 2017.