Video - Microsoft Adopts Blockchain Tech

In this video, you will know how and why Microsoft Adopts blockchain technology. You will also be enlighten as to why blockchain is very important on this platform.


Project Manifest is a new development thanks to Microsoft and a startup company called Mojix. It utilizes Mojix’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform- which is currently being integrated with Ethereum’s blockchain.

In a quote from Microsoft’s global business strategist, York Rhodes:

“Project Manifest is actually designed to look at the challenges of visibility in the supply chain. One of the reasons why we worked with Mojix is because they already have technology and know-how in supply chains for scanning RFIDs.”

The idea is for factories, distribution centers, and retailers to track their goods by using radio frequency identification (RFID) devices.

This new technology will surely help to remove MANY middle men from the process of shipping.

Things like auditing, insurance, supply chain financing, risk mitigation will all be reduced when transparency is introduced to the supply chain via the blockchain. Making this a very attractive option for businesses, not to mention providing them peace of mind by knowing that their products are being handled appropriately.

This is great for the consumer too. Are you concerned about the use of sweat shops or slave labor? Project Manifest has the ability to hold businesses to a higher standard by introducing transparency to their system.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on January 27, 2017.