Video - Bitcoin Q and A Essential Points On Blockchain Experimentation

Advice to non-financial institutions experimenting with the blockchain. It is not just a currency for cross-border transactions, it is a platform for trust. It can be used as a historical record of truths, a register of information. It can be used to create all kinds of tokens that can be exchanged between your customers, your suppliers, your manufacturers, associates and affiliates.

For remittances. What is slow, expensive, and difficult today can become cheap, fast, and easy when you use one of these digital currencies. But it's still early, so learn about it. You will hear a lot about "blockchain," but most of what you will hear is not the Internet of Money - rather the Intranet of Money, where you run antiquated software in the closed little enclave of your corporate backwaters. A blockchain that is not open, public, borderless, and permissionless is not what we're talking about here.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on September 22, 2016.