Video - Bitcoin Q and A Global Financial Crisis - GFC

The coming global financial crisis (GFC). What will happen in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Some people are a bit gleeful about the idea of a global financial crisis, that it will "send bitcoin to the moon." Beware what you wish for. Small-scale regional crises could show people why alternative systems (to protect against inflation and currency controls, for refugees to send money home, etc) are better and give them an opportunity to escape. Remember that such events would cause investment to dry up.

During the crisis in Greece, people didn't flock to buy gold or bitcoin, because they didn't have any money in the bank! They took out their paychecks as fast as they could and tried to make it until next week. Ugly, sudden, painful crises kill, imprison, and persecute a lot of people. Gradual, non-violent transitions to superior systems are obviously preferred. The way to achieve success is through informed choice, not desperation. You're all here because you chose to be, and that's how we'd like to keep it.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on June 29, 2017.