Video - Bitcoin Q and A Incentives For Innovation In Decentralised Open Ecosystems

Centralized payments are a powerful force for centralization of the web, creating platforms for content and services that are centralized around a payment processor/aggregator. What happens when payments themselves become decentralized? The nexus of centralization dissolves and the content platforms can become decentralized too. In this talk presented at the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup, Andreas examines the impact of payments and the re-decentralization of the web.


In the decentralised future, what will be the driver or incentive for innovation? Will all creators be able to self-host? Third-party facilitators are not always intermediaries. Open Bazaar’s API was used to index and crawl the peer-to-peer network to create additional service layers.

There is an explosion of innovation because you’re not looking at a single company or service, you’re looking at new open ecosystems. Most services make more money by making you the product (the data about you). It’s not innovative to turn people into products, it’s been done.

Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on September 21, 2016.