Video - Bitcoin Q and A Innovations In Wallet Design

Wallet features innovation. Wallets have made enormous progress over the last two years, and we're going to see a lot of diversity here. Wallets are the fundamental nexus of innovation because they are the user interface, the mechanism by which a person interacts with the system. Their design characteristics, their ease of use, they are the basis by which we will succeed or fail to understand, use, expand this technology.

Wallet innovation is slow, but I remember when there was only one wallet (QT) and you had to run a full node to even have a wallet. I remember the first SPV and mobile wallets. Ease of use. Ease of backup, recoverability. Mnemonic devices for cross-border transfer to avoid confiscation. Segregated Witness / SegWit, lightweight transactions. Payment channels like the Lightning Network. Reusable payment codes and stealth addresses. Wallets dedicated to specific niche communities and languages. Wallets that support people with disabilities. Retail applications. Very strong privacy.


Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos on November 29, 2016.