Video - Weekly Coin Intro Decred

This video lets you understand the coin called Decred. You will be amaze on its capacity internally to handle proof-of-work and proof of stake processing.


This coin is currently number 15 on

The total supply of Decred is 5,085,377, with the actually circulating supply at 4,665,377. The market cap of decred is 51 million

Decred utilizes hybrid proof of work/proof of stake by using a decentralized lottery to select proof of stake miners to vote on proof of work blocks.

Decred allows for cold staking and decentralized stake pooling. This allows you to generate new coins through proof of stake mining without the risk of having your coins online. Because the decred proof of stake mining system was designed with decentralized stake pooling in mind, this gives you the chance to participate in validating the network even if you have a small amount to stake.

Decred also has a cool internal voting system put in place for the addition of new features and hard or soft fork selection. So this means that both Proof of work and proof of stake miners can vote for features and issues through bit flags. This provides a sensible mechanism for resolving disputes about the features of the blockchain.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on April 13, 2017.