What Is KuCoin?

It is obvious the digital currency industry in China has endured a couple of big cheeses recently. With ICOs being prohibited and significant trades suspending CNY exchanging incidentally, things aren't looking all that positive. Be that as it may, the nation's trades aren't surrendering by any methods. Recently propelled KuCoin is a Chinese trade fundamentally focusing on remote clients. It's a fascinating business technique, most definitely.


While there is constantly some purpose behind trepidation with regards to managing new cryptographic money trades, KuCoin is setting out on an extremely strong arrangement. Running a cryptographic money trade inside China isn't restricted or unlawful by any methods, despite the fact that adjusting Chinese clients can demonstrate fairly troublesome nowadays. That is, until the point when the new controls go live, which could happen essentially any day now. With regards to Chinese trades, nobody knows for beyond any doubt what the future will hold.

KuCoin isn't excessively irritated by the current administrative scene, as the organization is chiefly keen on drawing in outside clients. Despite the fact that we have seen some different organizations endeavor to do likewise, it will enthusiasm to perceive how these endeavors play out over the long haul. There is a worldwide interest for digital currency, all things considered, and nothing has been an unchangeable reality at this time.

What makes this new trade so engaging is the way it will bolster some intriguing digital currencies from the very first moment. Bitcoin is incorporated, obviously, as are Litecoin and Ethereum. As one would anticipate from a Chinese organization, KuCoin will likewise bolster NEO and its GAS token, and in addition a modest bunch of different monetary forms. A portion of the decisions might be considered fairly questionable, however. Thinking about the crackdown on ICOs, the posting of a reasonable few ERC20 tokens isn't really the best choice.

The majority of this apparently affirms the new trade won't center around fiat cash exchanging, in any event for now. That might be a shrewd choice, as there is dependably a requirement for crypto-to-crypto trade rivalry. Without a doubt, numerous clients need to trade between various digital forms of money instead of fiat cash itself. Regardless of whether we will see more monetary standards or maybe even fiat exchanging included the future stays to be seen.

One intriguing part of this new stage is the manner by which it will issue its own KCS token reward design. It is fundamentally the same as Binance in such manner, as these "offers" will be utilized to redistribute half of all stage exchanging charges to the clients. It is an intriguing method to produce easy revenue, particularly while considering there are "just" 100 million KCS in presence at any given time. Each token is at present esteemed at somewhat under US$0.50, which could without much of a stretch transform it into a strong speculation opportunity.

With an ever increasing number of trades making their own particular monetary forms and tokens nowadays, another time is unfolding right now. Regardless of whether there is a point to these local tokens being issued recently stays to be seen. While the reward conspire won't really prevent the odds of progress for this new money, it might bring about the stage winding up extremely prevalent rapidly and accordingly losing footing in a matter of seconds a short time later. These new tokens will give the stage some an incentive for long haul development, however, and fascinating things may occur for KuCoin sooner rather than later.


Operation Strategies - The most enduring and fundamental competitiveness of Kucoin lies in its powerful R&D team, which ensures a world-class stability and service quality. In the meantime, Kucoin's capable operation team shall create a bright and prosperous future through long-term and large-scale online/offline promotion & operation. Majority of the exchange commision will be rewarded to active users who exchange, invest and promote Kucoin. Incentive policies can sustain active users' enthusiasm and make the business even more vigorous. On the other hand, the invitation bonus plan between users will tremendously boost Kucoin's subscribers and trades. Shortly after, we will accomplish the target of becoming one of the top 10 worldwide hottest exchange platform.

High-performance Engine - The trading system has adopted the hardware-accelerated and highly-efficient memory matching technology whose order-making peak value is 2 million+/second, order-processing peak value 1 million+/second. These statistics are hundreds times, even thousands of times of the normal industry standard. Therefore it can guarantee no delay or lag throughout the whole core order process when the market booms.

Financing-level Stability - Learned from the design solution of the state of the art underlying financial system, Kucoin core exchanging system adopted an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture. The bank-level disaster-proof deployment with two locations and three centers which can handle multiple tasks in several locations simultaneously has been applied, from the mass flow inlet of domain name resolution to the underlying core exchanging system and accounting system, thus ensuring the system stability in situations like hardware failure, even natural disasters.

System Security - (SYSTEM LEVEL) : It is constructed strictly following the financing-level standards. The industry standard transfer encryption protocol is applied to data transfer layers so as to ensure that all user data and sensitive data stored through bank-level data encryption. The multi-factor dynamic authentication mechanism has been introduced to sensitive operations like transaction or withdrawal so as to provide maximum security for our users. (OPERATION LEVEL): Kucoin has established special internal risk control and operation process departments which have designated strict production data operation and usage standards. It requires multi-level review and approval to check and use all online data and the core data will undergo desensitization so as to ensure the maximum security for user data.

Financial Safety - Wallets in the platform has adopted multiple security levels of storage solution in line with their storage scale. We have stored the micro-withdrawal wallets in the private network architecture built on Amazon Web Services Cloud which has multi-layer firewall on the basis of security isolation. The wallet document itself has adopted industry-level multi-layer encryption storage method whose cipher code will be preserved by a special person everytime and this very code will be altered on a regular basis. Any operation to the wallet document requires strict review and approval through internal control procedure and can only be accomplished by two people deciphering simultaneously with the key. Under normal circumstances, macro-wallets will be stored in the bank custody.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Support - The underlying technologies supports infinite cryptocurrency trading pairs. In the early phase, Kucoin provides BTC, ETH, and USDT markets, which includes the trading pair of KCS, LTC, NEO and various highly negotiable ERC20 tokens. The support list will be enlarged shortly in the future. Part of our plan is to release a unique feature which can help cryptocurrency managers or amateurs to self-register new cryptocurrency pairs and start trading automatically.

Efficient Customer Service - Dedicated to resolve customers' needs without any delay, Kucoin offers 7*24 customer services through multi-channels, including webpage, hotline and e-mail, etc. Kucoin's pre-pay and withdrawl safety will be inspected by AI algorithm. Once the request passed the inspection, automation system will executes entry and remit instantly, ensuring both convinience and safety.

Invitation Bonus - Registration invite links and QR code will be distributed to all the Kucoin users. Users will be able to enjoy the direct and indirect promotion bonus by inviting new users to register. For instance, if user B registers via user A's invitation code and trade, then a certain potion of the trading fees will be awarded to user A as direct bonus; and if user B invites user C (and user C invites users D), a portion of the their trading fees goes to user A as indirect bonus too. This portion will be decided by the real situation of the platform operations, please refer to the announcements. Invitation bonus can increase the register and visit numbers and make the exchange and user activities more flourishing.

Getting Started With KuCoin


The income of Kucoin mainly comes from the fees of user trade and withdraw. We promise to keep the fee rate low. Please refer to the details below:


When trading on the platform, it will cost both sellers and buyers a tiny amount of their trading cryptocurrency as trading fee.

When withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the platform, it will cost users a tiny amount of their withdrawing cryptocurrency as withdrawal fee.

Kucoin's expenses are mainly for operation, promotion and blockchain technology R&D. Please refer to the details below:



Known as Kucoin Shares or KCS for short, the cryptocurrency issued by Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform maintains a total issuance volume of 200 million. After buy-back disposal, it will be a constant - 100 million. As a decentralized cryptocurrency issued on the basis of Ethereum, also a standard ERC 20 token based on Ethereum blockchain, KCS supports all the Ethereum wallets.

KCS Features

ACQUIRE KUCOIN BONUS - To improve user involvement and exchage vitality, Kucoin is going to award incentive bonus, which equals to 50% of the total trading fees charged by the platform, to users who hold KCS in their accounts. Please note that this award proportion could be adjusted based on the actual situation in the future. The initial amount of KCS is 200 million among which 100 million owned by the team and angel investors would not be taken into account when calculating the bonus.

In addition, we guarantee that at most 100 million KCS be calculated in the bonus plan during official buy-back and destruction. To obtain the daily bonus, users would need to deposit their KCS into Kucoin Platform. Then the platform will conduct accounting and award bonus based on to the KCS holdings in user's account at 0:00 (UTC+8) that day and all the trading fees charged to the platform on the previous day.Then the bonus gained by users will directly put to their Kucoin accounts in the corresponding currency.

For instance, If ETH-BTC cryptocurrency pair rate is 0.063 on the platform and the daily exchange volume is 30,000 BTC; based on the 0.1% rate from each side, the platform shall charge 30 BTC and 476 ETH as trading fees. The bonus for every 10,000 holdings would be 10,000 by 100,000,000 (0.01%). So that the daily bonus from this very cryptocurrency pair is 0.003 BTC and 0.0476 ETH (1 BTC and 17 ETH annually). Please note that this is ONLY the ETH-BTC exchange pair BONUS. Other than ETH-BTC, there are still various cryptocurrency pairs on the platform, which creates the trading fees in the corresponding currency and bonus based on the description above.

TRADING FEE DISCOUNT - When placing orders to trade, holding a certain amount of KCS in Kucoin account can lower the trading fee. Details will be published through announcements.

OTHER EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS - When KCS holding reaches certain levels, users can enjoy special services like one-on-one investment consultation, customer service Fast-Pass, etc.

FUTURE DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE SYSTEM GAS - Kucoin team is dedicated to blockchain technology R&D and is planned to release decentralized exchange features in the future. As for KCS, it shall be the core fuel of this exchange system.

ICO Issuing Mode

KCS Initial Coin Offering includes the following three phases: In the first phase, Kucoin founders issues 35%; In the second phase, angel investors and consultants issues 15%; In the third phase, all the public users openly issue the rest 50%.


Lock-up Period

The 70 million KCS issued by the founders in the first phase should be subject to a four-year lock-up period from Sep 2nd, 2017 to September 2nd, 2021. Founders are prohibited to assign or sell their KCS holdings in any way before September 2nd, 2018. Team members can only assign or sell 25% of their largest historical exchange volume in 365 natural days from Sep 3rd, 2018 to the end of lock-up period.

The 30 million KCS exchanged by the consultants and angel investors in the second phase should be subject to a two-year lock-up period from Sep 2nd, 2017 to Sep 2nd, 2019. Holders are not allowed to assign or sell their KCS holdings in any way before September 2nd, 2018.

They can only assign or sell 50% of their largest historical exchange volume in 365 natural days from September 3rd, 2018 to the end of lock-up period. The 100 million KCS issued by public users suffers no lock-up period and opens for exchange from Sep 2nd, 2017.

Buy-back Mechanism

After the Kucoin platform opened for use, at least 10% of the net profit will be applied to the buy-back of KCS every quarter. The KCS retrieved through buy-back will be destroyed immediately. The buy-back record shall be released to the public at the first time, so that users can review via blockchain explorer, to ensure the open and transparent nature of the whole process. We will continue our efforts in this regard, until 100 million KCS destroyed.

ICO Awards

If 100 million KCS is not fully issued after this event, then the rest will be firstly used as awards. Any leftover after that will be destroyed directly.

ICO Awards Rules

After the ICO, the system will list out the top 10 KCS holders through automatic statistics and award respectively with 15%, 13%, 11%, 9%, 7%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1% and 1% of their own holdings. Also, after the issuance, the system will provide awards based on the timing of KCS ICO. Starting from August 15th as the first day, the system will award 15% of total daily issued amount, and this percentage goes lower by 1% each day.


Sign Up Guide

Please use your email address to sign up ,if you have an invitation code, you can input the code when you are registering. If you find that there is no input box to enter the invitation code, please change another browser and enter www.kucoin.com to sign up. Of course, you can also use the invitation link to register, please make sure that you don’t switch the page when you are registering, otherwise the invitation will be invalid.

How To Get A KuCoin Wallet?

Kucoin is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges available for those in search of a modern and secure platform to trade between cryptocurrencies.

It was founded by a group with a passion for the blockchain who had already built up strong reputations at industry giants, such as GF Securities, Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication, and iBOX PAY. Kucoin always aims to provide users with a safe and straightforward method of converting their currencies on a state-of-the-art platform.

The Kucoin team has decided to step into the cryptocurrency exchange business in 2017. They are serving the industry with the superior customer service and a good enough UI/UX. Above all, Kucoin is the exchange that honors its users. Stay tuned and discover the Kucoin payback to its token holders. In this guide we will describe step-by-step, how to open a Kucoin trading account.

Thought it is relatively very new in the world of crypto exchange, the Kucoin developers have already proven their skills and it has gone off without any hitch since it has launched. Last August the Angel Investment was done and the first version of Kucoin exchange was launched. Since then, the Kucoin bonus plan was initialized. Besides its web interface, Kucoin also has Android and iOS apps.

With competitive trading and no fees for a deposit, it seems that Kucoin is ready to make its mark among the crypto exchange markets. Kucoin is considered safe to use due to its proper security efforts which are placed at both the systems and the operational level.

Step 1: Go to Kucoin Website


Click here to go to Kucoin, the link will open in a new window so you can still follow this guide.

Bookmark this page, as there are many phishing sites which are exactly like the actual site. You should always examine the website URL and check for the Secure Certificate which will authenticate the original site.

Step 2: Complete the Sign-Up Process


Registration on the Kucoin is really very simple. You begin by entering your email address and a password (choose a strong one). After hitting the Next button you will receive a confirmation email containing a link.

From there – log in to your new Kucoin account.

Step 3: Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Like other exchanges, it is highly recommended that you enable 2-factor authentication, which will add an extra security level to your account.

Go to the Settings tab (on the right side) and find the tab titled Google 2-Step. If you are new to 2FA then you will need to download the Google Authenticator app which is available on your mobile device’s App store or Google Play. Add a new secret, scan the QR code (don’t forget to write your backup secret key on a piece of paper!) and from there you will see the 1-minute changing code, that needs to be inserted every time you log-in from now.

When you complete these first 3 steps you are done with the basic account setup.

Step 4: Deposit funds


In Kucoin there is a very clean and the modern layout throughout the full website. Markets overview screen is where you will able to see all available pairs for trading. Most known and popular coins are here, as well as some new and rare ones.

When you select the trading pair you will be taken to the trading screen where you will see the coin’s chart and order book.

The first time you enter this screen you are prompted for the Google Authentication code and, once entered, you will be able to trade. Yes, this may sometimes be annoying but it is good for the extra security of the site.

In the top main menu, find the tab titled ‘Assets’. Under that, select ‘Deposit’ which is located on the left side of the page.

From the drop-down menu select the coin you wish to deposit. Search for the coin that you want to deposit and then add the address and the amount and then press the confirm button which is at the bottom of the screen. Then a newly created wallet is generated and this wallet belongs to Kucoin. The address of wallet for each of the coins is different. You have to make sure that you deposit only the specific coin into the wallet. If the address is incorrect then it would be a complete loss of all the funds.

Kucoin Trading, Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Kucoin is currently offering relatively low fees for trading and also for withdrawals. There is no fee for making a deposit.

Trading fees are 0.1% from the coin bought. Withdrawal fees would depend on the coin you withdraw. Some examples: BTC 0.0005 BTC, LTC 0.001 LTC, ETH 0.01 Ether.

Neo and Gas are free to withdraw. A complete fee list can be found here.


Withdrawals which are less than the current fee times 100,000 will be processed within seconds. Other withdrawals require additional processing time.

The KCS holders’ bonus – Kucoin for the people

If you are reading up to here, you are entitled to know the most amazing part of this exchange. It’s very important to note that the majority of the trading fees go back to the users. Kucoin is retaining only the 10 percent of the fees while the rest (90 percent) is going back to its users. 50 percent of Kucoin fees are going to the holders of the Kucoin coin. 40 percent is going back through the invitation bonus.


KuCoin Resources

How To Buy KuCoin?

Although it is a relatively new addition to the cryptocurrency exchange world, Kucoin’s team has already proven itself, and the exchange has gone off without a hitch since its launch. To put Kucoin’s youth into perspective, the research and development team was only assembled in May 2017. There was an Angel Investment in August, and V1.0 went live a few days later. Since then, the team has launched the Kucoin Bonus Plan, multiple additional currencies, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

While Kucoin itself is relatively young, the founding team has been conducting research related to blockchain technology since 2011 and the exchange platform’s technical architecture was achieved back in 2013. This provided the team with several years to iron out the details and deliver seamless service.

Markets & Trading View

Kucoin has a very clean and modern layout throughout the website and this extends to the markets overview screen where you can see the available trading pairs and are able to choose between BTC, ETH, KCS, NEO & USDT.


Selecting a trading pair will then take you to the trading screen where you can view the usual candles, order book and can then buy or sell the selected currencies. When you first enter this screen you will be prompted for your Google Authenticator code before being able to trade, this can be a little annoying but does add an extra layer of security to the site.


Kucoin Fees

Kucoin aims to always offer very low fees, both for trading and withdrawals, making it affordable to use this exchange. There is no fee to make a deposit, and the trading fees are only 0.1 percent, based on the asset that you purchase. The fees for a withdrawal depend on the cryptocurrency in question, but some are free from fees, including GAS and NEO. Others have incredibly low fees, such as BTC at just 0.0005, LTC at just 0.001, and ETH at just 0.01.

Withdrawals that are for less than the current fee times 100,000 will be processed in just seconds. If you withdraw less than 50 BTC (fee of 0.0005 x 100,000=50), for example, this speed will apply. Other withdrawals may require additional time for processing.

It is important to note that the vast majority of Kucoin’s fees, which are already minimal, go back to the users. Ninety percent of the total trading fees are returned to users in one way or another, with Kucoin retaining only 10 percent of trading service fees. The largest portion, 50 percent of the fees, goes to users with KCS in their accounts as their Kucoin Bonus. They then share the other 40 percent via the Invitation Bonus.

KCS Kucoin Token

The Kucoin token, KCS or Kucoin Shares, has a total volume at issuance of 200 million. Following the planned buyback disposal, there will be a constant 100 million tokens. A minimum of 10 percent of each quarter’s net profit will be allocated to buying back KCS, and those that KCS bought back will be destroyed immediately. KCS works with all Ethereum wallets, as it is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum.

The Initial Coin Offering occurred in three stages. The first phase accounted for 35 percent, about 70 million tokens, and involved issues for the founders. The second phase was for industry stars, consultants, and angel investors, accounting for 15 percent or 30 million KCS. The final, third phase, was for all users, and this public ICO accounted for the remaining 50 percent or 100 million KCS.

The KCS issued by founders within the first phase undergo a lockup period lasting four years and ending Sept. 2, 2021. Before Sept. 2, 2018, founders cannot sell or assign their KCS holdings. The angel investors and consultants have a two-year lockup period, ending on Sept. 2, 2019. The KCS purchased during the public offering do not have a lockup period, so they went on the exchange on Sept. 2, 2017.


KCS Token Benefits

The token comes with a Kucoin bonus, which is awarded to users who hold this token. This incentive bonus amounts to half of all trading fees that the platform charges, with the percentage open to adjustment in the future. To achieve the daily bonus, users must have their KCS deposited within the Kucoin Platform.

Those with a minimum number of KCS in their Kucoin account can also take advantage of reduced trading fees at the time that they place orders for online trades. Eventually, KCS will reach certain levels, at which point those users who hold this token will get access to customer service Fast-Pass, one-on-one investment consultation, and other exclusive services.

How to trade on Kucoin?

Select “Markets” from the top menu. Now just select desired pair from the table.

In this example we want to trade our Bitcoin for KCS (Kucoin coin). We start by selecting KCS/BTC pair market, and then we’ll get the following:


What do we see? From the right, we have last trades made on the specific market. Next to it, we have the orderbook (buy and sell available commands), on the left top there is the chart.

Bottom left – market depth. This is the chart of the orderbook (we can see where there are zones of large supply and zones of large demand).

In the bottom middle we’ll see our active orders.

On the bottom right we can see Buy KCS or Sell KCS.

In order to buy (Limit): Set the desired price, select amount (in KCS units). The total BTC (the cost) will then be calculated automatically and displayed next to “Volume”. Selling KCS for BTC will be the same, but opposite.

Trade’s fee will be displayed as well.

Click here to go to KuCoin, the link will open in new window so you can still follow this guide.

How To Earn KuCoin?

According to the whitepaper, Kucoin would have more than 50 mainstream cryptocurrency pairs listed as of December 2017. Based on the listed currencies and fees at the time of writing, this goal has been met. By June 2018, the self-releasing feature for cryptocurrency pairs should become available, quickly expanding the reach of Kucoin and allowing the platform to trade with the most in-demand cryptocurrencies the developers may have overlooked.

By December 2018, the team hopes to have more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies listed and a daily exchange volume that exceeds 100,000 BTC. As a long-term goal, Kucoin hopes to be among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms worldwide by June 2019.

Although Kucoin is a relatively recent arrival in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges, it has been in the works for years, with the founding members having explored and researched various possibilities as early as 2011. At the moment, the options for trading pairs are somewhat limited, but they cover all of the most common cryptocurrencies plus the fact that they are quick to list new coins early ( taking an example from Binance ) should allow you to make greater gains by getting in early on these currencies.

With the competitive trading and withdrawal fees and lack of fees for a deposit, Kucoin seems ready to make its mark as a leader for cryptocurrency exchange. Incentives, such as the invitation bonus, should only help expand the platform.

Kucoin was the result of years of work by the founding members and it has been very well explored and researched before getting launched in 2011. At this moment the number of trading pairs are limited when compared to other exchanges. However, Kucoin does have most of the common altcoins and is adding more coins on a daily basis.

Kucoin token or KCS is the token issued by the Kucoin Exchange. The token has recently maintained a market cap of over 1 billion USD. The KCS is an ERC 20 token which is based on the blockchain of Ethereum. KCS can be stored safely on ERC-20 supported wallets, such as MyEtherWallet.

What Is KuCoin Mining?

KuCoin can't be mine.

Kucoin Shares (KCS) is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain which has a set supply of 91,043,076 KCS tokens in circulation with 181,043,076 KCS in existence. The exchange will burn tokens with profits as operations continue, quarterly I believe.


Kucoin Exchange share’s 50% of trader fees collected with those holding KCS, daily. The remaining 40% is shared with users who have referred others to register on the platform. The last 10% goes to the organization running Kucoin Exchange.

Latest KuCoin News

eBitcoin (EBTC) gets listed on KuCoin!


KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. eBitcoin (EBTC) is the winner of our 3rd round of voting poll.

On February 4th , 2018 eBitcoin (token: EBTC) will join our list of tradable tokens. KuCoin traders will have access to EBTC/BTC and EBTC/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start depositing and withdrawals on KuCoin at February 4th 2018 18:00 (UTC +8), and trading EBTC on KuCoin at February 4th 2018 22:00 (UTC +8).

About eBitcoin:

The eBitcoin Foundation is a community of over 40 people around the world, with deep backgrounds of old economy mixed with blockchain who have the same goal: Making Cryptocurrency simple! Easy to access, easy to spend and therefore easy to use, what will result in mass adoption.

IUNGO (ING) gets listed on KuCoin! World premiere!


KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform.

On February 4th 2018 IUNGO (token: ING) will join our list of tradable tokens. KuCoin traders will have access to ING/BTC and ING/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start depositing on KuCoin at February 4th 2018 18:00 (UTC +8), and trading IUNGO on KuCoin at February 4th 2018 23:00 (UTC +8).

ICO Price 1 ING = 1.15 USD (0.001ETH)