Bitcoin - Whats Good With It?

good about bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of currency that only exist in the virtual world. A certain individual hiding its identity under a name Satoshi Nakamoto created this kind of technology. Up to this moment, the system’s creators has never materialized therefore they’re still retaining their anonymous status.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has no physical representations hence it is not printed unlike the conventional currencies. It is created otherwise by users and several businesses through a mining process. This is the part where a distinct software does mathematical problems solving in exchange for this digital currency.

A certain user tries to manipulate it via electronic gadgets that is also being utilized to do transactions with the aid of several platforms. This is well kept and secured through the services offered by virtual wallets.

Bitcoin Characteristics

Bitcoin also possesses the conventional currencies’ characteristics like the purchasing power and applications for investment through the use of trading instruments online. It functions the same with traditional money, but only with regards to its ability to exist in the virtual world.

Among its distinct attributes that can’t be compared with fiat currency is its decentralized characteristic. This type of money doesn’t function under an institution or any governing body, so in simple terms, nobody can control this but the users that has the full ownership of their own Bitcoins.

Also, transactions happen through Bitcoin address usage, but aren’t connected to any information such as names, address or other personal details asked for by the conventional payment methods.

Each transaction of Bitcoin is registered in the ledger named Blockchain in which anyone can just access it readily. For instances where a user utilizes an address that is publicly used, its information is open for anybody to check, without exposing of course the user’s information.

Accounts are simple to make, not like with the traditional banks that asks for countless details that may put its clients in harm because of schemes and frauds which surrounds the system.

On top of that, the transaction fees in Bitcoin will remain small in number. Aside from its instant processing completion, the fees are known to be non-significant that cannot able to place a dent on somebody’s account.

Bitcoin Uses

Aside from being able to buy not only goods but also services, another important thing the Bitcoin can do contribute is its ability to be utilized as an investment vehicle. It includes Bitcoin trading, binary option platforms and Forex. In addition, brands provide services that circles around Bitcoin as a currency.

In summary, Bitcoin’s flexibility is comparable with the traditional legal tenders. Bitcoin’s introduction is able to give everyone a new useful chance because of its ability to be profitable and its easy usage.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on June 21, 2017.