How Can You Fit In the Cryptocurrency World?

cryptocurrency world

Have you at any point heard of such thing as cryptocurrency? Maybe there are a couple of you who might be acquainted with what it’s all about. I firmly believe that the majority of individuals’ response would be what is that?

My textbook-based response would be that a Cryptocurrency (digital money) is an exchange medium utilizing cryptography in order to control the making of new units and secure the transactions. Cryptocurrencies are considered a subset of other currencies or of digital currencies specifically.

I may respond simply: Just like a Bitcoin, you know.

So my next question would be: Since you now have an idea about the cryptocurrency world and how it works, I would ask now: How can you able to fit in, in the cryptocurrency world?

I had a chance to make a good income using the internet in my own career in business. I have been effective and successful particularly in advertising sales, business development, marketing, technology, building online business that includes creating giant online organizations and technology.

Before finalizing my decision whether to invest, promote, brand, invest or maybe own something, I try to spend so much time researching the concept first.

Additionally, I let myself be surrounded with individuals that have the same ideas as mine who I regard as either successful business partners or associates who for sure possesses a lot of knowledge and did a great amount of research regarding the things that we want to promote.

M greatest dream is to advocate something that’s fresh and innovative which has a high potential to make the market saturate in the upcoming years to come. Particularly, I want to gain control in brand in which I would first distribute a service or product that will surely become a game changer.

This is something a lot of people in the upcoming years will yearn to own, possess or want.

I am not interested to advertise something which is already saturated in the market. The opportunity to be the pioneer in marketing or gaining market share of these services or products would be lesser.

I also am not interested to advertise something which is already known by everyone or by the market. For that instance, I have no chance to be the first one to market since most of the successful entrepreneurs think that the first one to advertise that can then capture the market surely will win.

A lot of business minded people encourage me to join them in advertising items like online advertising, cellphone services, food, online shopping or ecommerce and health related products. My simple response to these business persons simply implies that I’m not really interested.

I really have no interest at all to promote these stuff for the reason that the market is saturated already with huge players that you’ll never gonna be able to surpass with. Those people were the first ones to promote have already caught the market share.

So this is the one that brought me to the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technology. So again, if you are going to ask a typical person if they are familiar with the cryptocurrency, they’ll just ask you in return: What is that?

cryptocurrency world

So obviously, if I want to be the first to brand, market possess or own, what should it be? So the answer simply would be: cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

How does currency which is typically known as money differ from cryptocurrency? We can have a number of layers in identifying or explaining the two basic differences in cryptocurrency vs currency.

Fiat currency or fiat money is a kind of money in which its value isn’t obtained from any inherent value or claims that it could be convertible to any valuable commodity just like gold. Rather, it only possesses value through government order (fiat).

The government typically announces the fiat money (usually coins and notes from the central bank, for example the U.S. Federal Reserve System) to be a valid currency, that’s why it’s illegal if you one doesn’t accept the fiat money as payment means for all public or private debts.

In line with the cryptocurrency definition, I could impart everything about it but the main idea is that cryptocurrency isn’t considered a fiat but instead a cryptocurrency which is known to be a virtual medium of exchange which can be utilized similarly to a conventional money, however doesn’t have physical equivalent since it is just formed digitally.

Bitcoin was the first of all cryptocurrency which first commenced around 2009 as an open source. After that event, several other cryptocurrency alternative have been present and this is because of the great popularity in which Bitcoin was able to achieve.

Cryptocurrencies are actually a digital form of currency which utilizes the cryptography principles in order to carry out an economy which is decentralized, distributed and secured wherein you are able to mine as well as trade them.

If you try to compare the cryptocurrencies to a fiat money, their most distinguished difference is how no individual or group may impact fundamentally the generation of cash (it’s called mining in line with crypt), rather just a specific measure of cryptographic money is created by the whole digital currency system as a whole, at a rate that is only finite by value which was known and defined publicly beforehand.

So now that I have given you a typically book-based version of its differences, I would now ask the people in the cryptocurrency world: How will you fit in?

When you had a first question, it might be similar to the one I asked myself. In the market of cryptocurrency, who are the major players? I would then answer you to take after the money trail, discover a position where you can fit in and catch as much digital money as you can.

A genuine proclamation is that the greater part of ordinary individuals possess no crypto-coins. Another real talk is if you were gonna utilize Bitcoins for instance as a way to catch piece of the overall industry of digital currency you are basically past the point of no return. By far most of the coins that we have mined effortlessly in Bitcoin is actually gone.

For the purpose of having any great market share of what’s left from the coins to be mined, it would be necessary for you to have a great degree of technology such as the server space, know how, awesome financial support and extensive gathering of individuals possessing technical skills that are highly needed in order to mine these coins.

cryptocurrency world

The month to month cost of a modern operation of this kind almost offsets the estimation of the Bitcoin you can effectively mine.

The other approach to catch a market share of these Bitcoins would necessitate a tremendous amount of cash to buy them. But again this kind of path is just way too past the reach of an ordinary persons who doesn’t already possess millions of cash in which they are willing to risk at their disposal.

Essentially just consider that the Bitcoin’s market for share is now gone most especially for the common people. This system is basically not going to occur for you.

Luckily for the normal individual who now perceives exactly how enormous the market will be and has picked up an edge in profoundly inquiring about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. However, it’s not very late for you to catch your offer of the digital currency market!

This particularly remains true for anybody whom I generically refer like a John Q Citizen wherein he has never heard about cryptocurrency or has no clue how great it is to possess digital money with the advantage of a market share.

Given that up to this point, if you at least have made time to read this write up, you will gain your own knowledge and information as just a general interest with the topic or being interested as a striving business person who’s asking himself: How will I be able to fit in?

In the event that the second statement is right then you’re as of now ahead (one step or two) of someone I commonly refer to as like John Q Citizen.

Just to inform everyone that the thorough research I have conducted has really paid off personally. I was able to find a strategy in order to address the whole of the cryptocurrency issues that gave me more advantage than most of the common people.

Well, it as well enabled me to be the first one to market. For those people who pioneers this kind of market, which gained by mining huge amounts of available digital money have then able to catch the market share of other alternative crypto-coin choices available.

cryptocurrency world

In another article regarding the topic I have explained; who are those giant name business person, financial institutions and entities that are greatly aware of this technology? In that write up, I was able to include their direct quotes as well as who was able to take steps by experimenting and capturing with this technology for the purpose of future implementation in order to catch their market share.

In my related article, I was able to name who’s generating strategies to increase the vast wealth and preferred standpoint in the market. On the off chance that you are leading your own particular research this ought to be completely clear.

In the realm of Cryptocurrency how would you fit in? I can conclude that generally the 95% of the people in world whom I refer to as John Q Citizen shares the 5% of the global wealth. Whatever is left of the 5% in the world (those business people who had the mindfulness who set aside the opportunity to look into at that point made conclusive move) who have taken advantage the market share is enjoying the 95% of the global wealth.

To conclude I am going to ask you: Where can you see yourself in this cryptographic market?

Will you be a part of the John Q Citizen which comprises the 95% of the people who spends their time usually socializing on the internet, playing games or those people who just pays attention to the latest gossips? Those 95% as well are the people who never even bother to read and research the topic. The 95% that will one day realize that they have missed a very great opportunity to gain wealth.

Maybe you’ll consider yourself as among the 5% who took the time to study the concept and is totally ready to make definitive move expected to execute a strategy,

I without doubt have prepared a strategy in cryptocurrency, after thorough research taken which was followed by prompt and definitive action to be included in the group of 5%. I hope you will be able to spend that amount of time as well.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on June 26, 2017.