Ascribe is a service that empowers creators to truly own, securely share and track the history of a digital work. We do this by giving creators the tools to lock in authorship, set the intent and gain visibility into where their work spreads. By doing this, creators can be recognized while giving buyers an easier way to discover and reward them.

Why should I use ascribe?

Ascribe is for any creator who wants to protect and manage their creative work. ascribe lets you share your work knowing that your authorship claim is secured and enables buyers to collect and truly own your digital work. With ascribe, selling digital property is as easy as selling physical property. ascribe allows you to transfer intellectual property (IP) to someone, anywhere in the world, simply by email. We aim to democratize IP by making it easily accessible to the individual.

I’ve just ascribed my first work. What did I just do?

You’ve just claimed authorship for a work and declared that you are the creator or rights holder of the work. This claim is timestamped onto a public, secure database called the blockchain. To further secure your claim, make sure that your ascribe ID is shown with the work or in the caption. You can find the ascribe ID on the work detail page.

How can I share my work?

In the work detail page, click on the share button and then enter the email of the recipient. If you’re created editions, you can also copy the URL (i.e. and then share it via email or social media. We’re in the process of integrating social media plug-ins to make it easier for you to share your work.

How can I verify the registration of an artwork?

To verify the registration of a work, go to and enter the ascribe ID (i.e. 1HZNdQQUsroq1Z3dqRF6kq6wEdUFC9zovD). There you will see the date and timestamp of the registration. To view the artwork details, you need the unique URL of the work or edition from the creator.

What can I do on ascribe?

1. Claim Authorship – it’s simple for you to claim authorship of a work. Upload your file, enter some information and then confirm that the work is truly yours, then “ascribe” it. Our technology then creates an unbreakable bond between you and your work that can’t be taken away.

2. Transfer Rights – transfer your work along with license rights to someone else by simply sending an email or let a marketplace do it on your behalf.

3. Set Limited Editions – create limited editions that are authentic and unique. Limited Editions give people the chance to own your digital work just as with physical work.

4. Track the Chain of Ownership – by registering your work, a chain of ownership (provenance) will stay with the work as it is transferred from one owner to the next. Clean provenance gives collectors confidence they are buying authentic work that came directly from the artist or creator.

  1. Generate a Certificate of Authenticity</strong> – each work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with a unique cryptographic ID and the complete ownership history that you can print out.

How does the technology work?

When a creator registers a work on ascribe, a unique, cryptographic ID is generated and then stored on the blockchain. The blockchain is a secure database where transactions can be recorded and never deleted. The cryptographic ID is a composite of the digital artwork and the artist’s identity, creating a permanent and unbreakable link between the artist and their work.

What is the file size limit that I can upload?

We handle files up to 25GB, but your internet connection might not. When uploading large files, bring a bit of patience and meditate as the ascribe swirl goes round and around as the bits and bytes are transferred to our server.

Venture Capital Rounds

company Ascribe: $2 million - Seed

24-Jun-2015 | Financial Services

Investors: Earlybird Venture Capital, Digital Currency Group, Freelands Ventures, angel investors

Headquartered: Berlin

Country: Germany