BitFury is a private Bitcoin mining pool and mining chip manufacturer.

Mining Warehouses

BitFury runs some of the largest private mining operations in the world. Its mining warehouses are located in Georgia (country) and Iceland. As of March 2016, BitFury controlled between 10-15% of the Bitcoin network hashrate.

BitFury Capital

On top of its Bitcoin mining operations, BitFury operates BitFury Capital, where it “supports the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem through strategic partnerships and business opportunities.”

BitFury Capital has invested in Xapo, BitGo, and GoCoin.

16nm ASIC Mining Chip

BitFury announced its 16nm Bitcoin ASIC mining chip in December 2015. The 16nm chips is one of the most effecient mining chips on the market with an efficiency of 0.055-0.07 J/GH, according to Valery Vavilov, BitFury’s CEO.

Venture Capital Rounds

company BitFury: $20 million - Third

9-Jul-2015 | Mining

Investors: The Georgian Co-Investment Fund, DRW Venture Capital, iTech Capital

Headquartered: Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands

company BitFury: $20 million - Second

9-Oct-2014 | Mining

Investors: Bill Tai, Bob Dykes, Georgian Co-Investment Fund, Lars Rasmussen

Headquartered: Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands

company BitFury: $20 million - First

30-May-2014 | Mining

Investors: Binary Financial, Crypto Currency Partners, Georgian Co-Investment Fund, Queensbridge Venture Partners and ZAD Investment Company, Jonathan Teo, Bill Tai

Headquartered: Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands