More than twenty years ago Netki’s founder Justin Newton saw the Internet for the first time. He realized this was a technology that would change the world for the better, and knew that he had to be a part of it. After leaving college and moving to California, Justin joined a small team of like-minded individuals at NetZero, and set out to build the infrastructure for, and ultimately drive mainstream adoption of this powerful new technology.

Two decades later much of what Justin envisioned has occurred, as “the net” has been transformed from a playground for a few knowledgable enthusiasts into an expansive and powerful global network. From the democratization of information, with nearly all of the world’s knowledge available via a simple search; to email, to streaming videos and music, its impact can now be felt in almost every aspect of our daily lives.


The recent introduction of digital currencies represents another turning point in history, as Blockchain-based technology promises to alter and advance the global financial system in many of the same ways that the internet changed how we gather and share information.

Realizing the implications of this powerful new technology, Justin enlisted the help of other key members of the original team at Netzero to found Netki. Applying many of the same principles that helped the internet go mainstream, Netki was created to invent and provide solutions for the evolving digital currency ecosystem, removing barriers to entry and working toward mass-market adoption.

The experienced and innovative team at Netki is focused on building reliable, scalable, secure, mass-market solutions that will help digital currency reach its full potential. We are here to support the community and help bring another truly game-changing technology to the world.


We would like to see a place where everyone can participate in the global economy and have real control over their own money.

Today, about half of the world’s people are disconnected from the global financial markets. The high costs imposed on individuals who store and move money through traditional financial institutions have effectively cut off these “unbanked” individuals from the global economy, and left them with few to no options when it comes to the purchase or sale of goods and services, receiving aid, or transferring funds to family and friends.

Even those with access to traditional financial institutions do not truly have control of their own money. Instead, their funds are largely controlled by banks, which prescribe strict rules for when and how individuals can manage their funds. By offering an effective outlet for underbanked individuals to engage with the global economy, and returning control over one’s money to the individual, digital currency promises to usher in a new era for finance that will provide people with real, cost effective ways to truly control their money.

Venture Capital Rounds

company Netki: $3.5 million - Seed

5-Jul-2016 | Infrastructure

Investors: O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Donuts, Colle Capital, The Husseini Group, Digital Currency Group, Bitfinex, Plug and Play, Base Ventures, Tom Turney

Headquartered: Los Angeles

Country: United States