Cryptographic currency and block chain technology born from it. It is a technology lab that supports your company by making use of them.

We handle exchange campaign currency such as bit coin from exchange API to exchanges and block chain technology development.

A team of technology business experts from Japan and Silicon Valley will help you to integrate FinTech with your company

Technical license

We will jointly develop licenses of numerous technologies held by laboratories and services utilizing them.

Technology R & D

We will receive research and development of new technologies, service development etc. according to your request.

Technical consulting

We will help you implement appropriate technology for your services and products, and import and negotiate from overseas.

Venture Capital Rounds

company TechBureau: $6.5 million - Series A

12-May-2016 | Financial Services

Investors: Arara, OKWAVE, Nippon Technology Venture Partners, Hiroshima Venture Capital, FISCO, Money Partners Group

Headquartered: Tokyo

Country: Japan