Unocoin is India’s leading bitcoin company. It enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin.

With a mission “to bring Bitcoin to billions”, Unocoin was founded in July of 2013 in the town of Tumakuru, Karnataka and is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin space. Later the company shifted its major operation to Bengaluru.

With over 150,000+ satisfied customers and 350+ million in total revenue, Unocoin has been on the forefront of bitcoin revolution in India. Unocoin received its initial kickstart when renowned Bitcoin Investor Barry Silbert invested 250,000 USD in Unocoin making it the first bitcoin investment in the country and in three years the company has drawn more than 30 top investors from 5 countries.

In September 2016, Unocoin had raised $1.5 million in a Pre Series-A round, the highest total raised for a digital currency venture in Indian history. Funding was sourced from well-known investors:

Unocoin aims at emerging as a top global player in its field and wants to contribute immensely to the Indian as well as global economy. And as a step taken toward achieving its goal, it aims at making its presence felt worldwide by entering global markets soon.

At the core of Unocoin lies its innovation and a dedicated team with a passion towards building world class products centred around Bitcoin ecosystem. It has built the world’s simplest bitcoin PoS for offline merchants and in a first of its kind introduced SIP ( Systematic Investment Planning) for Bitcoin. The Merchant gateway service provided by Unocoin lets online businesses accept bitcoin as a mode of payment and OTC (Over The Counter) Trade allows users to trade in bulk.

Unocoin is committed and has single-handedly driven the bitcoin awareness program in India. With a series of meet-ups, seminars, guest talks, college activities and other collaborations, the awareness of bitcoin in India has skyrocketed in the recent times. The effort put in by the team at Unocoin translates towards building a cashless Indian economy.

Venture Capital Rounds

company Unocoin: $1.5 million -

29-Sep-2016 | Exchange

Description: Unocoin is Indias leading bitcoin company. It enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use and accept bitcoin.

Investors: ah! Ventures, Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels, BoostVC, BnkToTheFuture, Digital Currency Group, FundersClub

Headquartered: Bangalore

Country: India

company Unocoin: $0.25 million - Seed

11-Aug-2014 | Universal

Investors: Bitcoin Opportunity Corp.

Headquartered: Bangalore

Country: India