What Is Stratis?

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It’s easy to miss the significance of The Stratis Project. Drowning in hyperbole, the cryptoverse spawns a never ending stream of next-big-things. Bitcoin Killers abound and thousands fall for promises that never deliver. Even so, among the dross, real innovation shines.

A handful of projects deserve their top slots while others grow in the subsoil waiting to show the beauty of their form. Stratis is no shrinking violet; the team confident and businesslike. They walk a fine line, avoiding hype, building quietly and spreading the word through provable action.

A growing community is witness to the skill, hard work and sharp vision that defines Stratis. This article comes from that community. We can praise where its due and, hopefully, help others see what we see.

Stratis is not a coin but a platform. We all know that bitcoin and the blockchain is going to impact the world in fundamental ways. The very success of bitcoin to-date has fostered a conservative approach to development, leaving room for a small army of visionaries to poke and prod with ideas good and bad in the alt coin space.

We are in a golden age of early innovation and yet it is still a geek-fest. We are in the days of punch cards and green screen terminals. To fulfil its destiny, bitcoin and its sisters need designers, business people, financiers and the ingenuity of tens of thousands of non-crypto coders to humanise the space.

Like it or not, we need to find our Steve Jobs, our Bill Gates and (if we’re really lucky) our Elon Musk and Jimmy Wales. Without our specialised coders, we would be nowhere but now is the time to lend them a hand – to attract experts from beyond the narrow walls of the cryptoverse – not in their hundreds but in their thousands.

When Chris Trew, Stratis’ CEO approached bitcoin developer Nicolas Dorier for help, he turned him away, uninterested in working on anything but bitcoin. Coming from the corporate world, Chris knew that the boring nuts and bolts behind millions of computers on the desks of businesses around the world relied on Microsoft’s .Net platform and its C# language.

He also knew that when MS open sourced .Net and C#, the path was suddenly open to reach out to millions of experienced developers and their partners in design and business. Decades of battle-hardened operations tuned to real-world customer-focused use has formed a global infrastructure primed with easy to use tools that could change the landscape of crypto and help lead to its ultimate destination – the pockets of billions of ordinary people – rich and poor.

It is important to realise that although Stratis aims to bridge the specialised realms of blockchain and the corporate world, it is doing so in the spirit of open source where success is not a zero sum game. This is perfectly demonstrated in the relationship between Nicolas Dorier and Stratis.

After agreeing to talk to Chris and on seeing his vision, Nicolas changed his mind. He had been working for two years developing a complete bitcoin node, rewriting it in C#. A labour of love, he was unpaid and had to find the time between everything else going on in his life. The key to this change of heart?

Chris did not want him to work on Stratis. He wanted to pay him to finish the work on bitcoin. Always intended to be open source, in helping accelerate Nicolas’ bitcoin project, Stratis would give something to the bitcoin community and benefit themselves from all Nicolas’ work in the two previous years.

On completion, they would clone the software, rapidly accelerating the Stratis project beyond anything that could have been achieved without such open-minded collaboration.

There are two main parts to the Stratis Project. The platform itself is complemented by the formation of a company based in London. The Stratis Group is a consultancy, intended to help companies with blockchain ideas realise them quickly even as blockchain expertise is thin on the ground.

By providing a suite of tools and apis, Stratis allows an entity to concentrate on what they are good at knowing that the security of the blockchain side is rock solid through the same algorithms used to secure bitcoin.

In consulting with various projects, some may require a completely separate chain. In this case, the value to Stratis token holders will be indirect. However, free to take on board innovations produced by other crypto-projects, Stratis is able to fast-track code to enable scaling, side-chains, segwit, LN, POS and other advances not yet invented.

In many cases, a dedicated side chain might make sense, requiring Stratis to be bought on the market and locked for the duration of the project. To cater for companies large and small, Stratis is building a cloud solution similar to Azure, making BaaS a one-stop solution for any company to experiment or run a project to completion on the Stratis ecosystem.

It is easy to be ambitious but how do we know these guys are capable of making this happen? After all, the code is open source. Anyone can copy it – and they will. To those already following their progress, this is a no brainer. Step-by-step Chris and his team constantly impress.

With modest resources, they have shown themselves capable of forming partnerships and moving with a speed that would shame others with bags of cash, half the business intelligence and a fraction of their drive. In the past few months, they have so far:

It is interesting to note that the team was surprised to find that although many developers beyond the crypto fringe knew of bitcoin, few had any idea how it worked or the potential for innovation it presented to them. This bodes well for the C# conference. If they are able to convince such a body of sharp minds that this is something worth paying attention to and at the same time give them the tools to ease their path, the resulting opportunities could be enormous.

To help in this phase of their mission, they are preparing a number of proof of concepts they can demonstrate there and to future clients. From Steem-like social platforms to privacy-based wallets, customer-focused products become much faster to develop using Stratis.

There is nothing like doing it yourself to prove that your mission lives beyond mere words. As many confuse the need for privacy with nefarious deeds, no serious organisation would think of exposing confidential data on a public ledger. The need for privacy is evident in the many anon alts out there but bitcoin has been able to do this for some time.

For many reasons, it has not happened so far in a package that’s usable to normal people. To push this along Stratis has agreed to build a front-end for Tumblebit, a project conceived and built as another labour of love by talented coders helping to build the bitcoin economy. The result will be The Breeze wallet.

Scheduled for completion around May 2017, bitcoiners will be able to download the Breeze wallet and use it to afford a high degree of trustless and secure transactions with privacy built in. Importantly for Stratis, the same wallet will be used to transact with that coin, too.

Not only will this help bitcoin, it will expose Stratis to a potential user-base otherwise beyond its reach. In the same way that Tumblebit can swap respective coins to ensure privacy, so too, they can be used to swap with each other, providing a gateway between each coin should users find that useful. Once again, Stratis demonstrates that this is not a zero-sum game.

Getting Started With Stratis


The stratis Development Platform allows businesses and organizations to develop blockchain applications in C# utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework. We can assist you in defining your blockchain strategy and in integrating our solutions and capabilities according to your business requirements.


The Cloud Stratis platform allows developers to quickly provision full blockchain nodes to test their applications. The Cloud Stratis platform can also provision Blockchain nodes for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitshares, if the developer wants to develop an application specifically for one of these existing blockchains.


The Cloud Stratis platform allows businesses and organizations to test and deploy their bespoken blockchain-based applications in the cloud, without having to maintain the network or full clients themselves. The implementation of the blockchain can be tailored to their needs and accessed via lite clients or APIs.

Stratis is a blockchain-based platform which simplifies development, testing, and deployment of C# applications on the dot NET framework. Stratis will act like a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform for corporations and institutions. It will help these businesses to implement blockchain technology for various use cases across industries very quickly.

The vision of the Stratis platform is to become a one-stop shop for all blockchain things, mostly becoming a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform.

Technology wise, it is a clone of Bitcoin’s core code, with a few enhanced features and written in C# language instead of C++.

But what if you don’t know what any of this means?

Don’t worry; you can still invest in Stratis. I am just telling you these facts to convey why it is such robust technology.

What is the Stratis Token (aka STRAT)?

STRAT is the native token (or cryptocurrency) which runs the Stratis platform.

In July 2016, there was an ICO-Initial Coin Offering of STRAT to fund the development and marketing of the Stratis platform.

In this ICO, the Stratis project was able to raise an equivalent of 915 bitcoins (worth $675K).

A total 98 million STRAT tokens were distributed after the ICO.

Stratis rose from its price of August 2016 which was ($0.023) to today’s price of $7.71.

Which is a 49,000% increase in just 10 months, a number hard to ignore!!

It has become one of the few currencies to be adopted and implemented very quickly by numerous recognized cryptocurrencies exchanges and wallets such as Poloniex, Jaxx, and Ledger hardware wallets.

Team Behind Stratis

Chris Trew is the CEO and the founder of Stratis. He is a consultant, architect, and technologist with over ten years of experience in enterprise IT.

Nicolas Dorier is a Bitcoin lover at heart but started with Chris on Stratis because of its novel idea. He singlehandedly developed the Bitcoin core for Stratis in C# language in just two years.

Dan Gershony is a Stratis blockchain developer. He has over ten years of development experience on the MS stack, mainly in C# dot NET.

Jeremy Bokobza is a Stratis blockchain developer. He is a software developer with a thorough and extensive knowledge of dot NET technologies and architecture, as well as C# development.

Pieterjan Vanhoof is a Stratis blockchain developer. He has extensive experience as a full-stack dot NET developer.

Total Fixed Supply of Stratis

A total of 98 million STRAT tokens were distributed after the ICO, and this is the fixed supply that will ever be available.

Here is what the final breakup looks like:

ICO (85.7 %)84 Million Stratis tokens were allocated to ICO investors
Stratis Team8 Million Stratis tokens were allocated
Advisors and Partners2 Million Stratis tokens were allocated
Bounties & Marketing Campaigns4 Million Stratis tokens were allocated
Total98 Million Stratis tokens

Market Cap of Stratis

Of the 98 million STRAT tokens, 98 million are in circulation, and the current price of each unit is $10.5. A few days back, it crossed the market cap of $ 1 billion, and is still soaring high.

What is Staking of Stratis Tokens?

Staking is like earning interest or dividends on your holdings. It is 0.5-1% per annum returns on your “staked” amount. Staking helps to secure the Stratis network.

Stratis vs. Ethereum

stratis vs ethereum

Both Stratis and Ethereum support smart contracts. But there is a fundamental problem on Ethereum. Ethereum smart contracts are written in Solidity which is its native language, whereas, on Stratis, the contracts are written in C# language- the common language of the developer community.

Writing smart contracts on Ethereum means a developer needs to learn Solidity first, which has a learning curve.

Moreover, Stratis supports contracts and other blockchain innovations on its sidechains, unlike Ethereum where every contract runs off of the Ethereum blockchain.

But both projects have gotten fair words of praise from the market, and companies like Microsoft support both of them.

Roadmap and Future of Stratis

By observing the present scenario and the development roadmap of Stratis, it looks highly undervalued as it has climbed the ladder of cryptocurrencies.

In the coming days, it will be promising to see how Stratis’s Breeze Wallet performs.

Here is the roadmap for 2017:

stratis future

How To Get A Stratis Wallet?

Staking Wallet

When diving into the world of STRAT, this wallet is perfect to get you started. Send, receive or stake your coins. Always make sure you download the latest release from a trusted source like our very own GitHub account.

This release addresses a few syncing issues our users have been experiencing.

Due to a large influx of new wallets our seednodes were insufficient and we had to set up new ones to solve the problem.

There are two main issues people have been experiencing and here's how to solve both of them:

  1. No connections to the network.
    The solution to this is as easy as updating to the latest wallet version (v2.0.0.3).
  2. Wallet shows it's synced, but you're not receiving transactions.
    This is because our main seednode experienced an unintentional DDoS because of the large influx of new wallets causing it to halt. Due to how it was configured a lot of people had that node as their only connection and are now on a wrong chain.

Please follow these steps carefully to fix the issue:

Stratis Electrum

Syncing a blockchain can be time-consuming depending on your internet connection and other factors. If you just want to send and receive, then our Electrum client is just for you. Blazing fast and ready to receive in seconds.

Binaries to the latest version of Electrum Stratis are attached to this release.

Use electrum-stratis-2.7.17-win.zip to set up Electrum Stratis on your PC.

Use electrum-stratis-2.7.17-win-portable.zip if you want a portable edition of the Electrum Stratis wallet.

Linux install instructions:

$ sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-pip

$ sudo pip install https://github.com/stratisproject/electrum-stratis/releases/download/2.7.17/Electrum-Stratis-2.7.17-unix.tar.gz


Coin control? Staking? Passphrase? If you’re not sure where to get started, we offer this handy guide that explains how to use your new wallet in detail. From encrypting to creating addresses, this PDF covers everything.

You can download the Stratis wallet www.stratisplatform.com:

Wallets: https://github.com/stratisproject/stratisX/releases/latest


Encrypting your wallet

Making a back-up

Restoring a back-up (Windows)

Restoring a back-up (Mac)


When you have one active connection to the Stratis network, you can add more connections through the following steps:

Stratis Resources

How To Buy Stratis?

Buy Stratis from Changelly

buy stratis

Buying Stratis directly in fiat currency is a little difficult. But you can exchange your other coins, such as BTC, LTC, or ETH in exchange of STRAT tokens. The procedure is very simple.

You will require the following things to buy Stratis:

Your Stratis address where you would like to get your STRAT tokens.

Some bitcoins/altcoins to exchange for STRAT.

Buy Stratis from Shapeshift

You can also buy your first Stratis by exchanging any supported cryptocurrency via Shapeshift.

Shapeshift currently supports 33 cryptocurrencies including Stratis.

However, I prefer using Changelly for better exchange rates and a better transaction history feature to track my funds.

Buy Stratis from Exchanges

Below is a list of established cryptocurrency exchanges listing Stratis:

Stratis Wallet Options

Stratis a relatively new cryptocurrency which is why it doesn’t have many wallet options available. But to support early adopters, there are a few good options out there for storing it.

After a lot of research, these wallets are the best:

StratisX Wallet - This is the official desktop wallet by the Stratis development team. It has all the features to use Stratis safely, and also allows for the staking of Stratis tokens. This is a lightweight wallet which doesn’t download a full blockchain.

Stratis Electrum Wallet - This is an official copy of the Bitcoin Electrum wallet by the Stratis team. It is also a lightweight desktop wallet which doesn’t download the blockchain. It is easy to set up and use in everyday transactions. But it doesn’t support staking of Stratis tokens. It is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Ledger Nano S

buy stratis

Currently, only the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet supports Stratis storage. The Nano S is simple to use. It can’t be used for staking Stratis, but it will keep your tokens safe. Currently, with the Ledger Nano S, you can secure Stratis, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Ripple, and Dash. Monero is also coming soon.

You can buy Stratis from anywhere and then transfer it to your Ledger address.

This is the safest way to keep your Stratis tokens secure.

Breeze Wallet

buy stratis

Breeze is the most awaited wallet by Stratis lovers. It is a future wallet which will support Bitcoin and Stratis, and will provide seamless exchanges between the two cryptocurrencies. An initial version of the Breeze wallet will not support staking of tokens.

How To Earn Stratis?

Stratis is a flexible and powerful Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services businesses and other organizations that want to access the benefits of Blockchain technologies without the overheads inherent in running their own network infrastructure

Similar to the popular Smart Contract token Ethereum, Stratis offers a turnkey solution that enables developers and businesses to develop, test and deploy blockchain-based applications quickly and easily, without the costs and security concerns that would otherwise arise from an in-house implementation.

buy stratis

While Ethereum Developers familiarize themselves with the less popular programming language Solidity, a contract-oriented, high-level language whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript and it is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Stratis Developers use C# an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft that aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming ease of Visual Basic.

C# is based on C++ and contains features similar to those of Java. This makes Stratis a more programmer-friendly platform that offers simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net framework.

Since Stratis is officially a 100% Proof-of-Stake POS Token, it does not support any Proof of Work Mining anymore. In the beginning Stratis tokens were minted via POW Mining, however the plan was to implement Proof of Stake, making it the only way to mint new STRAT tokens into existence. The only to way to obtain Stratis tokens is to purchase some directly from Exchanges, and to send it to the official Stratis Wallet Client for the purpose of staking.

Where To Spend Stratis?

Some of the benefits of the Stratis blockchain which will impact the real world are as follows:-

Medical Research: Stratis blockchain will enable medical science to solve its publication and research disputes by providing an immutable database of record. Here the reviewer, researcher, and publisher can work with worrying about the legitimacy of the record.

Internet of Things: Industry verticles like supply chain, transportation, inventory, and occupation can be impacted by Stratis, bringing everything on the blockchain which is updated by internet consensus in real time. For example, a smart lock enabled by Stratis platform will let you access a fully automated AirBnB residence without any dispute or human interaction.

Provenance: It means product verification and tracking. As manufacturing has matured, it has also led to counterfeiting and forgery of original products. But once such products are put on the Stratis blockchain for tracking and identification this problem will solve. For example, see Diamond verification on Everledger.

Fintech: In the Fintech space the sky is the limit for Stratis. In this area, Stratis intends to solve problems like trusting Escrows, Identity Theft, Identity Management, clearance and settlement management or KYC compliances with losing the confidence of the customer by leveraging blockchain technology.

Some of these exciting use cases are already in production while some are still being developed.

What Is Stratis Mining?

The Initial ICO for Stratis resulted in the Distribution of 98 million tokens, from which 84 Million (85.7%) Stratis tokens to have been claimed by early Investors, while the remaining 14.3% (14,000,000) were kept by the core team for development, marketing, partnerships, and incentives programs.

Stratis was a Proof-of-Work token to begin with, allowing Users to get more STRAT tokens from mining via Computer Hardware however that was only for a short period of time, in order to kickstart the blockchain with a steady supply, making Stratis now entirely proof of stake token.

buy stratis

Whatever machine the wallet is running on would have to stay connected to the internet for the duration that you want it to stake. To get a better idea about Staking is all about, Tokens that are stored from one address are technically locked up temporarily, so that when it's actually your turn to create a block, rewards can be earned credited directly to the address holder as compensation for securing the Network.

Step 1 - Run & Download the Stratis Wallet Client from the Official Developers Site,

mining stratis

Step 2 - Allow Stratis Wallet Client to fully sync with the Network by letting it download the complete history of it's Blockchain! This may take some time with Stratis's Client running in the Background, since you'll need to download every transaction ever recorded on Stratis Distributed Ledger

mining stratis

Step 3 - Once fully Synced, it's time to secure your account by Encrypting your Wallet to ensure that coins are safe from unauthorized access. Use a Secure Password to keep your Stratis Wallet Secure, to Encrypt your Stratis wallet simply go to SETTING > ENCRYPT wallet. ''Change Passphrase" in order to set a secure password that will be required to Unlock your Wallet

mining stratis

Step 4 - It's always a good idea to Backup your Wallet. Do this by clicking on FILE > BACKUP WALLET. this will prompt you to download a DAT. File. Keep the file secure in order to back up your tokens in the events that you need to restore access to your account, it's a good idea to store DAT. file on an external hardrive for safekeeping

mining stratis

Step 5 - Buy Stratis via Cryptocurrency Exchanges that offer this trading pair, visit coinmarketcap.com for more information or visit popular exchanges like Poloniex or Bittrex. Once you obtain Stratis, transfer these Tokens to your official Stratis Wallet Client, this is process similar with other Cryptocurrencies where you send & receive via long addresses (identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters)

mining stratis

Step 6 - It will take some time for Stratis token to reflect in your Balance, once received proceed with the next step of unlocking the Wallet. The Wallet must be encrypted with a Passphrase, however the Wallet needs to be unlocked at the same time in order to begin staking STRAT tokens. To unlock the Wallet go to SETTINGS > UNLOCK WALLET, it will request for Password which is the Passphrase set earlier in STEP 3

mining stratis

STRAT token are issued at a rate of 1 token per Block – every 60 seconds, the more an individual stakes Stratis, the more STRAT token is giving out as a reward. An incentive for users to contribute towards making a more secure POS-based network by staking their coins

Many of you, eager to start staking your Stratis token will ask yourself this;

What is the total supply / inflation of the STRAT token?

To get a better understanding based on findings, as of May 9, 2017 there are 98,378,285 STRAT outstanding. A common misconception I see all the time in the Stratis community regards the Inflation rate, since many individuals claims that the inflation rate is 1%.

A new block is derived via POS about every minute, and 1 STRAT is generated per block. This means, on average, about 1440 new STRAT are mined each day since there are 1440 minutes in a day. That equates to 525,600 new STRAT in a 365 day year. 525,600/98,378,285 = 0.0053.

mining stratis

So the inflation rate as of May 9, 2017 is about 0.53%, and this rate decreases as the total supply grows.

However, we can assume that not everyone stakes their STRAT. This is what makes it seem like the inflation rate is greater than it is. Around 30,000,000 STRAT are staked right now on May 9, 2017.

This means that the 1440 STRAT generated per day are going to the holders of that 30,000,000 STRAT. This would equate to earnings from staking equal to about 1.75% if 30,000,000 STRAT were being staked the entire year (525,600/30,000,000 = 0.0175).

mining stratis

It seems that Inflation of the STRAT token is a measly around 0.53% based on 9th May Statistics, but people can earn a higher percentage than that simply because not everyone is interested or has the means to stakes their tokens.

To ensure that everything go smoothly, please make sure to update your software to the latest version of the Client. Keep up with notifications of updates by joining us Stratis Slack channel, Bitcointalk thread, or follow them on Twitter @stratisplatform.

Also keep in mind that it's best to keep malware software running full scans on a regular basis and to avoid unwanted or unauthorized software from gaining direct access to your Stratis Files.

Always Write down or otherwise make sure you will always remember your password every time you change it, if you don't known the right password, you'll lock yourself out of their wallets and always remember to regularly back up your Wallet, store the important DAT files on multiple offline storage.

mining stratis

Ethereum developers are planning on implementing some sort of Hybrid POS for ETH, while Stratis has already changed from POW to POS, allowing all it's user to start staking Stratis Tokens now. Follow this Guide, you should be earning some of the newly minted STRAT tokens, personally I'm a fan of Smart Contract Tokens and see great potential in this Project.

Stratis is also one of the few Cryptocurrency projects backed by established Corporation Microsoft, it does raise eyebrowns knowing that some most well-known Tech Company is currently interested in Stratis. There are over millions of C# Developers ready to jump on the Cryptocurrency Bandwagon, Ethereum uses Solidity which can unfamiliar to many Programmers out there.

Staking Coins, is a good way to get Investor to safely store their Tokens while incentiving them to contribute by securing the Network. Enjoy Staking Stratis, hold this Token like how you would with Steem Power in order earning interests similar to how you would with Bank Saving Acccounts.

mining stratis

Latest Stratis News

Breeze Beta Release

The beta release of the Breeze wallet is now available and represents a significant milestone in our development roadmap schedule.

There has been extensive work undertaken since the alpha release in order to move the Breeze wallet to the beta status. A key development since the alpha release is the Breeze wallet now supports two currencies running side by side: Stratis and Bitcoin respectively.

The release encompasses user interface enhancements and provides updates with regards to stability.

Existing Breeze Wallet Holders

There have been a number of updates, therefore, any users which have an existing Breeze wallet will need to perform the following steps before starting the app:

1. Make sure you have your mnemonics and your passwords for these wallets

2. Delete all the files in the following folders:

%AppData%\StratisNode on Windows or ~/.stratisnode on MacOS and Linux

Choose wallet recovery on start-up and use your mnemonic and password

Breeze Wallet Download

The Breeze wallet is available to be downloaded from the below link:


Stratis Blockchain Upcoming Expos

Stratis is set to take the stage at a number of upcoming conferences as we showcase our blockchain offering and latest product developments.

Over the next six months, Stratis will be attending and speak at a host of bitcoin and blockchain conferences. Starting with the Blockchain Expo at Santa Clara in Silicon Valley on the 28th November to 30th November, we will be attending and be exhibiting our technology.

As strategic partners of the Expo, we will be on hand throughout the three days, offering the opportunity for investors to discuss product developments, as well as one-on-one conversations with Stratis employees.

In the new year, we will continue to showcase our blockchain offering, attending the Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas, Texas which is from the 16th to 18th February 2018. We will be discussing our turnkey solutions and how we utilize C# and .Net development frameworks to provide quick and easy blockchain-based applications.

On the 18th April to 19th April 2018, Stratis will be in attending the Blockchain Expo in London, Olympia. More detailed information will be provided about the Expos closer to the time.

Finally, we are excited in ramping up for a very busy period with major technology releases and attendance at key Blockchain Expos.

Product Development Update

We are well into Q4 and wish to share the progress on our exciting Q4 Product Development Roadmap. There have been great strides made since our last update and below is an insight into the key milestones achieved in our development so far.

Breeze Wallet

The upcoming Breeze Alpha 1.2 release enables running both Stratis and Bitcoin networks in parallel all while operating in full block SPV mode. Breeze being able to operate on multiple blockchains was one of the last tasks we had to complete before we could release the Breeze MasterNodes. This release will contain the MasterNode registration and discovery protocol, allowing:

stratis news

The Breeze Alpha 1.2 release is scheduled for 23rd October.

Stratis MasterNodes

The Breeze Node (MasterNode) alpha will be released on the 30th October, which utilizes Stratis Blockchain technology to host secure, resilient and distributed services.

The MasterNodes allow operators to advertise the services they offer on the blockchain – which in turn are discoverable and consumed by clients such as the Breeze Wallet.

The release will include the first such service which is the Breeze Privacy Protocol (powered by TumbleBit). In order to allow a wide audience for the release, this test version will have no collateral lock down requirement.

The Stratis Breeze nodes will be the first MasterNodes that allow operators to earn Bitcoin, we are very excited about this release.

Stratis Full Node GUI

We have carried major updates to the Stratis Full Node and nStratis framework. Below are a few of the key developments undertaken by our Full Node team:

Stratis Academy

The Stratis academy development process is nearing a MVP.

Our selection of a hybrid ‘Learning and Community’ management system will create a nurturing environment based on the education of blockchain, introduction of real world tech solutions and development of blockchain projects.

Stratis technology will be the base for developers to get introduced to and get involved with the blockchain. Content and course work is currently being compiled, further developed and produced.