Simple Bitcoin Strategies to Acquire Gold Bullion

Bitcoin Gold Bullion

It was around 2013 when I heard about the idea of Bitcoin but I have never imagined it to grow as much as it has as a strong cryptocurrency nowadays. During the time this article was being written, Bitcoin is trading with a value that is higher than a gold on the market.

This provided a door to many opportunities for me, since I am already dealing with the market so it is easy for me to acquire this gold bullion and digital currency on a day to day basis.

With the experience that I have, I obtained knowledge and cultivated an approach to utilize this cryptocurrency as well as build a wheel of wealth for gold acquisition in an unending basis by the use of its power.

These are the following approach I apply to gather Bitcoin and gold bullion.

  • 1. Look for a company that is selling gold bullion
  • 2. Create a Bitcoin wallet online
  • 3. Begin mining Bitcoin either online or offline
  • 4. Buy gold bullion with Bitcoin

The details listed above are the primary steps to carry out the process which necessitates specific way to end up successful. This is considered as the best Bitcoin strategy in my own perspective, to gather up gold and have it delivered right in front of your doorstep every month.

1. Look for a company that is selling gold bullion

There are several online companies available on the internet selling gold bullion, however only a certain number of them proposes incentive programs the moment you become one of their clients. Companies that gives out much more than just selling gold bullions should be the ones you need to look for.

The company is obliged to offer good products like gold bullion selling in small sizes such as 1 gram (gm), 2.5 gm and also 5 gm. The gold should as well needs to be 24 karat gold, considered to be the topmost quality you can get. Their incentive programs should allow you to gain commission the moment you can invite people to join the company.

2. Create a Bitcoin wallet online

A place for you to store Bitcoin is gonna be required the moment you are ready to begin with this cryptocurrency market. There are several Bitcoin wallets online that is readily available to the public for free use.

Find and choose a company that provides a wallet for Bitcoin storage and also an offline vault in order to protect it. There are a lot of hackers who tries to break into the online user’s wallets and take all of their Bitcoins. Storing your Bitcoins offline avoids the risk of being an online hacker’s victim.

3. Begin mining Bitcoin either online or offline

There are two primary ways to acquire Bitcoin. You can mine Bitcoin either online or offline. The process of mining Bitcoins online is very simple and much easier compared to offline methods. I have personally used these two methods in order to test both their ability to be profitable. The best way to get started is to join a Bitcoin mining farm online.

You are required to be very careful on choosing this option also since there are a lot of scammers who claims to own a Bitcoin farm having only to discover later on that they do not.

These are the people that makes Ponzi schems and will only grab the chance to loot from you as much as you will allow them. There are also real and reliably trusted companies that I actually use which has Bitcoin farms that operates every day.

Mining Bitcoin offline can also be done by buying a Bitcoin miner, a computer hardware you can set up anywhere you are comfortable with or at home. This hardware can then be connected to the web and will begin to mine Bitcoin. The mined Bitcoins will then be sent automatically to your Bitcoin wallet online.

4. Buy gold bullion with Bitcoin

Since you now have Bitcoins going in on a day to day basis, there are particular ways that requires to be followed in order to begin gold bullion buying from the company you have chosen.

Your Bitcoin wallet should be connected to a visa card that was offered to you by the Bitcoin wallet company you have chosen as well. Utilize this card to buy gold bullion anytime you have ample Bitcoins in your wallet online.

The things discussed above are just the very basic steps I have personally used to create this procedure a success. I have not once looked back the moment I begin doing it.

Written by Melvin Draupnir on May 19, 2017.